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Addams writes to Wald about the reception of William Dean Howells' plays at Hull-House and about her plans for a trip to California.

Excerpts from Addams' speech on educational opportunities wasted due to discrimination against immigrants.
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Addams discusses the value in the Hull House production of the Ajax in bringing attention to the Greek immigrants in the city.
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Addams discusses the two methods by which Hull-House seeks to expose immigrant communities to greater society: by securing people who form friendships in the community and by providing self-expression to the immigrants.

Barnett asks Addams to help Alice Mary Buckton get her play, Eager Heart, performed in New York.
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Addams explains the difference between opposing child acting as an occupation and a vocation.

Addams writes her sister about travel plans and for the schedule of Marcet Haldeman's play.

Lillie praises Addams on her recent articles in McClure's Magazine.
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Addams gives a praising review of Lovett's play Cowards.

Addams has received clippings from Haldeman. Addams also writes to Haldeman about a family visit.

Addams thanks Haskell for the grant from the Carnegie Endowment for the Trojan Women.
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The Crisis includes Addams' comments alongside others on the "The Clansman," a play which depicts African Americans negatively.

Haussmann asks to meet Addams to read her a play that she hopes will help spread the values of the peace movement in schools.

Addams expresses her gratitude for Ewing and explains why she must reschedule a play for children.

Peabody tells Addams about his wife's anti-war play In the Vanguard and wishes her success in peace work.

Review of the play The Enemy.

A review of "The Enemy," a play by Channing Pollock.

De Rohan reviews Channing Pollock's play The Enemy.

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