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Balch provides Harwood with a sense of the WILPF mission and immediate goals.

Addams tells Spencer her ideas about next steps for the Woman's Peace Party given the situation in the United States.

A pamphlet describing the activities of the League of Peace and Freedom from 1915-1919.

A petition calling for an international woman's strike in the case of war.

Balch asks Addams for advice on peace strike regarding the wording of WILPF creeds and objective statements.

Balch tells Park that she thinks that requiring a peace a pledge of WILPF members might not be a good strategy.

Balch sends Addams the text of Lili Jannasch's letter that describes the German women's struggle against Pan-Germanism and seeks help from WILPF.

Misař tells Addams about the violence in Hungary.

Heymann reports on a questionnaire about passive resistance and seeks information from other WILPF branches.

Farwell thanks Addams for sending Peace and Bread in Time of War and remarks that in one hundred years society will accept pacifism as the logical way.

Vernet writes to the No More War organizers in the hopes of joining the movement and securing support for an anti-war league.

A review of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Watson-Schütze sends Addams information about the Association for Peace Education.

Balch answers Puck's letter to Addams suggesting caution against working for mobilization against war.

Balch tells Mead about her meeting with the American Defense Society and discusses the divide between left and right positions within the WILPF.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Glücklich tells Addams about efforts to carry out the resolution passed at the International Congress of Women.

Balch tells the Kaskia Chapter that WILPF's position ion disarmament has been misrepresented and hopes that even if they disagree, they are both working for the nation's best interests.

Addams addresses the Fifth Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Dublin detailing different approaches to a peaceful society that she has met around the world.

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