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Waite tells Addams and Smith that Francis Kales married a Japanese woman.

Doty tells Addams about the need for an international meeting of the Women's Congress. She then talks about how well Baldwin is doing in jail and their recent engagement.

Addams weighs in on the idea that women who work in household service are more likely to marry more frequently and in better circumstance. This is part of a longer article.

Addams responds to Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews provocative statement that unmarried individuals "have no place in society nor in the scheme of the universe." This is part of a longer article that quotes many people.

The author asks Addams to stand against polygamy, which she fears will infect the United States due to war casualties. .

Bates offers Addams his opinions on A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Hill tells Addams about her relationship with her husband, their divorce, and her suicidal feelings.