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Perry asks Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to help his pacifist efforts.

Detzer updates Addams on her protesting a bill in Congress.

Addams offers a history of movements for world courts and peace. The speech was given at the Palmer House in Chicago to the Women's Roosevelt Republican Club.

Andrews tells Addams that the criticism she sent about the article on the American Association for Labor Legislation was uninformed.

The Peace Union's brochure includes a draft amendment to make war illegal and a declaration of independence from war.

Addams discusses the impact of the proposed Illinois’ “Eight Hour Bill” on both men and women workers. She spoke at a meeting of the Joint Committee for the Women's Eight Hour Bill held at the Morrison Hotel.

Stockwell details the emergence of military training at state universities.

Addams tells Benton that she hopes that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will formally support the proposed Child labor Amendment.

Everett attacks the Child Labor Amendment as un-American, dangerous, and radical and associates the movement with Bolsheviks.

Matthews sends Addams copies of Children's Bureau literature on child labor to use for her article.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article on child labor for McCall's Magazine.

The Children's Bureau argues for the passage of an amendment to the constitution to protect children.

Ingham updates Addams on the planning for the International Congress of Women.

The Committee discusses budgets, emendations to its policies and fundraising.

Addams sends Hobbs to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section's views on the National Defense Act of 1920, but notes that she personally is not in favor of peace pledges.

An argument for the defeat of an Illinois bill that would loosen restrictions on child labor.

Addams asks Blaine to support a campaign to defeat an Illinois law that would loosen restrictions on child labor.

The Armenian Union sends the text of a resolution to recognize Armenian independence and asks for signatures of support.

Cumberson explains to Addams that a resolution she created has been rendered null and void due to developments regarding the war.

Dales hopes that Addams will use her influence to help pass an amendment to the Draft Law of 1917.

Karsten tells Dales that Addams wants to send her request through the Woman's Peace Party's legislative committee who can determine whether or not to support the amendments to the Draft Law of 1917.

A suggested amendment to Draft Law proposes that last or only children be exempted from military service and that men pursuing post-graduate study be exempted to preserve teaching and investigation.

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