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Writing on letterhead of the Austrian Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Hertzka tells Addams about her plans to travel to the United States to raise funds to support the return of prisoners of war from Russia.

Addams notes that Japan and China would like to work more closely with the United States.

Addams argues that the cooperation of the allies on food suggests that they can cooperate on other food problems.

Article describing the events of the women's meeting at the International Peace Congress in Boston that includes portions of speeches by Lucia Ames Mead, Mrs. W. P. Byles, Jane Addams, and Miss M. E. Dunhill.

The League advertises a public meeting where Addams, Jeanne Melin, and Gertrud Baer will speak.
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Addams talks about the benefits of woman suffrage for the entire country.
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Speech given by Addams at the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, concerning the role of women's clubs in shaping public policies.
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Speech given by Addams at the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, concerning the role women's clubs has and can further have in shaping policies.
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Addams speaks on woman suffrage at a meeting in Potage, Wisconsin. She gave the same speech in Janesvile.

A summary of an Addams' speech about the role of women in keeping city streets clean.

Addams speaks to club women on their responsibilities as citizens to become involved in international affairs.

Lockwood sends Addams information on her lecture in Shanghai.

Moore offers Addams his support for her peace activism and asks for information about how to promote peace.

Harper asks Addams to give a short lecture to high school boys and girls at the Union League Club.

Salter praises Addams for her book and discusses lectures being held in the Boston area.

King writes a letter of introduction for friends who want to visit Hull-House and hopes that Addams can lecture in Ottawa.

Bear tells Addams that Cedarville wants to hold a Jane Addams Day and asks Addams for a date when she could return to speak about her recent work.

McClure asks Addams to speak to a joint meeting of the Advertising Council of the Chicago Association of Commerce and the Women's Advertising Club of Chicago.

Byron sends Barnett a letter Addams just received regarding the lecture tour.

Byron regretfully informs Rockwood that most material on Barnett has already been sent out.

Dodd sends Addams a commencement speech (not found) he delivered at John Marshall High School.

Keily tells Addams he is disappointed that her lecture at the University of Toronto has been cancelled.

Feakins follows up with Beth about representing her for an American lecture tour.

Feakins tells Beth that Addams asked him to represent her on her upcoming speaking tour and asks for press material.

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