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Addams tells Maddox that due to her health she cannot accept any out of town speaking engagements.

Addams discusses the role of international courts and organizations in avoiding war and settling disputes.

Addams discusses the role of international courts and organizations in avoiding war and settling disputes.

Coit sends Addams holiday greetings and discusses her recent public speeches.

Mead urges Addams to pursue libel charges against her attackers and tells of similar attacks on peace from her lecture experiences.

Dawes argues for peace at an Armistace Day event, but criticizes the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Jane Addams and disloyal to the United States.

Schwartz asks for Addams's opinion on her plan to give lectures about her father, Maarten Maartens, in the United States.

Addams sends Kellogg some corrections for an article and admits that she hoped that they were not going to print it.

Maddox thanks Addams for sending books to Rockford College, and invites her to speak on Charter Day.

Addams tells Stahl that she will do a radio broadcast for Sears Roebuck.

A flyer advertises a public event to promote efforts to end the death penalty in New York. This was held on January 31, 1927.

The League advertises a public meeting where Addams, Jeanne Melin, and Gertrud Baer will speak.

Widegren discusses her ideas for training peace workers to collaborate internationally given to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Balkan Conference.

Jacobs scolds Addams for overdoing things and tells her to care for her health and have a restful return to the United States.

Addams tells Wolff that due to her health she has to cancel her German appearances.

Addams tells Hoppstock-Huth that she must cancel her German trip because of her ill health.

Addams tells Dietrich that she has to cancel her German trip due to ill health.

Addams tells Kirchhoff how upset she is that she had to cancel her lectures in Switzerland and Germany due to her health.

Tischer alerts Bloch that Addams will not be able to speak in Zurich.

Addams tells Barnett that she is tempted to thorow off her engagements and visit.

Addams speaks on women's roles in peace and internationalism at a public meeting "Next Steps Toward World Peace," held in Geneva on the eve of the opening of the League of Nations General Assembly. It was opened by William Rappard and featured remarks by Addams, Hilda Clark, and Lucie Desjardins.

Doty tells Addams their plans for her public speech in Geneva.

Wald asks Addams to meet about prohibition before she leaves for Europe.

Addams discusses the importance of social work to the health of a community in an address to the National Federation of Settlements in Cleveland.

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