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Clippings from the Advocate of Peace highlight activity in Japan, and Los Angeles.

Pringsheim argues that trade practices of the United States in the early years of World War I have not been neutral.

Craigie discusses her activities in Washington for peace and suffrage, especially focusing on Japan.
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Addams, Lucy Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, on preparedness and the United States' role in World War I.
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Addams, Lucia Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, arguing against preparedness and suggesting ways to end the war.
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Addams testifies before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs about relations between the United States and Japan and China.

Balch discusses the construction of the WILPF office, and plans for expanding the work to new countries.

A list of the numbers of prisoners of war still held in Japan and Russia.

Smedley reviews Ellen La Motte's The Opium Monopoly, a scathing condemnation of British imperialism.

Brown testifies on behalf of the United States Section of WILPF for a dramatic reduction in U.S. military spending and and for universal disarmament.

Addams gives Standish authority to select Japanese delegates for the International Congress of Women.

Balch updates Addams on plans for the International Congress of Women and other WILPF activities.

The Committee outlines its program to work for a positive political and social relationship between Japan and America.

Schurman invites Addams to become an honorary member of the Committee on American Japanese Relations.

Hart tells Crook about women in Japan that might want to help with organizing WILPF sections.

Addams tells Thomas about efforts to bring Japanese students to the International Congress of Women.

Addams speaks in Boston about the way to solve the problem of unmarried mothers and delinquent girls and urges the lifting of the Russian blockade.

Hart tells Addams about Matsuyo Takizawa and her suitableness as a delegate to the International Women's Congress.

Kumasaki sends Addams funds to send Matsuyo Takizawa to the the International Congress of Women to represent Japan.

Balch sends Evans Addams's message to Japanese women.

Addams exhorts the women to press their government for disarmament.

Addams requests permission to translate one of her works into Japanese.

Addams notes regarding sending copies of the Woman Patriot and other matters.

A rough itinerary of places Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith planned to visit in 1922-1923.

Taylor sends Addams letters of introduction to his contacts in Asia, describing each individual.

White suggests friends in China and Japan that Smith and Addams may want to meet during their travels.

Crane sends Addams a calling card introducting writes to Jane Addams to introduce Motoko Hani.

Omori leaves a calling card hoping to see Addams while in Japan.

Bradley sends a card inviting Addams to visit her brother when in Shanghai.

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