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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud people's judgement about the war.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud peoples judgment about the war.

Jong van Beek en Donk asks Addams to distribute to her colleagues questionnaires about annexation.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war. This speech was given before the Chicago Woman's Club.

Addams endorses Wilson's plan for a league of nations as a step towards permanent peace.

Addams endorses the League of Nations at a speech to the Saturday Night Friendly Club in Indianapolis.

Addams gives a memorial address for Shaw, highlighting Shaw's involvement in the woman's suffrage movement and religious education.

Balch forwards Addams a letter regarding conflict in Soviet-Russia, despite the rapidly changing situation and there being little WILPF can accomplish.

Apcar tells Addams about the massacre underway in Armenia and asks her help in getting the word out.

Addams contacts Colby to ask the State Department to protest Finland's arrest of John Reed.

Karsten discusses relations with an international organization and an upcoming meeting in Chicago.

A review of the League of Free Nations Association's publication on Russian-American relations.

White praises Russian-American Relations as a means of encouraging open diplomacy.

The Globe praises Russian-American Relations as a way to foster understanding between the countries.

Hapgood praises Russian-American Relations as a boon to newspapermen.

The Tribune praises Russian-American Relations as a valuable contribution to understanding the Russian situation.

Addams tells Kellogg about where her Barnett articles are being published and supports the idea of a League of Free Nations Association meeting held in Europe.

Berle praises Russian-American Relations for revealing the way American foreign affairs are conducted.

The authors report on a fact-finding trip organized by the Women's International League to report on condition in Ireland during its war of independence.

Willett demands that Colby investigate alleged atrocities committed by black French troops in Germany.

The article describes the purpose and membership of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Addams regrets missing Barnett and seeks to explain the role of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Boyden sends Addams propaganda against Poland and bemoans the attacks by both Germans and Jews.

Merriman sends Addams updates from James McDonald's European trip.

Merriman thanks Addams for Belle Garfield's letter and tells her about Gilbert Murray's interest in securing U.S. support for the League of Nations.

Shaw tells Willett that the stories of Black French troops in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.

Mathes asks Addams to investigate the State Department's dismissal of the stories of French Black troop atrocities in Germany.

Hobhouse tells Hamilton of her poor health and of the relief efforts in Europe.

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