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Kirchhoff thanks Addams for her help and describes her experiences at the International Congress of Women.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Paxton invites Addams to join the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference and do something practical to promote worldwide peace.

Gl├╝cklich updates Addams on recent activities in European peace sections and on WILPF finances.

A letter to the editor that describes the anti-British content of the "Hymn of Hate," recently published in Peyam Sabah in Angora.

Addams urges farmers to set up a corn exchange with Europe to open new markets and feed the starving.

Addams talks about the economic impact of war and preparedness on the budget and how social programs could be expanded with disarmament.

Addams condemns the future execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, claiming it will harm relations between the US and its immigrant inhabitants.

Gulick sends Addams a new statement of policy (not found) which the National Committee on American Japanese Relations had to alter in light of the new immigration law.

Greene proposes reducing war by removing economic justifications for war through rethinking the way that goods are brought from producer to consumer.

WILPF resolutions opposing the Treaties of Mutual Assistance because it will slow American participation; calls for a permanent committee on National Minorities; urges to countries to join the League; and sections working to secure their country's support of the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
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