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Addams discusses child labor conditions she saw on her trip to Asia.

Addams discusses child labor, the work of missionaries, and women's rights in China and India at the Woman's City Club

Addams discusses child labor conditions in China and India during a dinner in her honor at the Woman's City Club.

Addams spoke at the Young People's Sunday Evening gathering about her tour of conditions in India, China and Japan.

Addams tells of her trip to Asia and encourages American women to collaborate with women in Asia.
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Addams tells Lewis news of her travels and discusses WILPF matters.

Addams tells the Press Club that journalists are key in the modernization of Asia.

Addams makes a brief statement on returning to Hull-House from her world trip.

Kellogg summarizes Addams's speech to the City Club on her impressions from India, Japan, China and the Philippines.

Addams offers a brief statement on her world trip as she returns to Hull-House.
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