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Report about Gertrude Baer's brief detention by American immigration officials and Addams's role in securing her release.

American Civil Liberties Union defines its stance on first amendment rights, labor rights, law enforcement, immigration and racial equality.

Mosher writes Addams to criticize her remarks regarding political deportations.

Curtis criticizes Addams's defense of immigrants and her views of political deportations.

Hull summarized and outlined works by David Starr Jordan, French Ensor Chadwick, Henri Lambert, and John Atkinson Hobson, for discussion and adoption by the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Andrews sends Addams an outline of research studies about imperialism that will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Addams discusses challenges to social and industrial justice and how the Progressive Party program will help address them. Addams gave the speech at a Progressive rally held at the Lyric Theater.