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Addams and other Chicago women send a message to Emmeline Pankhurst in solidarity with her, appalled at her detention at Ellis Island.

Addams expresses praise to the President for vetoing an immigration bill.
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Addams drafts her arguments for the protection of migrant laborers, food supplies, and discusses the different outlook that the working class have towards war. The speech was prepared for the National Conference on Foreign Relations of the United States.

Hull summarized and outlined works by David Starr Jordan, French Ensor Chadwick, Henri Lambert, and John Atkinson Hobson, for discussion and adoption by the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Andrews sends Addams an outline of research studies about imperialism that will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Curtis criticizes Addams's defense of immigrants and her views of political deportations.

Mosher writes Addams to criticize her remarks regarding political deportations.

Addams discusses the relationship between immigrants and social unrest. This speech was given at the National Conference of Social Work in New Orleans.

Addams discusses the relationship between immigrants and social unrest. This speech was given at the National Conference on Social Work in New Orleans.

American Civil Liberties Union defines its stance on first amendment rights, labor rights, law enforcement, immigration and racial equality.

Addams defends Gertrud Baer after she was detained by immigration.

Report about Gertrude Baer's brief detention by American immigration officials and Addams's role in securing her release.

Addams tells Lewis about Jeannette Rankin's interest in working with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Addams describes public opinion in Europe and calls for American aid and engagement in the League of Nations.

Emily Greene Balch writes to the American Consulate as a character reference for Miss Bertha Schulthess who wished to come to America.

Balch advises Böhm about the feasibility of moving to the United States.

Uchimura discusses his disappointment with the United States for its immigration policy regarding Japan.

The Committee discusses budgets, emendations to its policies and fundraising.

Wickersham tells Addams about the Committee's resolution on the "Gentleman's Agreement" and their hope to foster better relations between the United States and Japan.

Addams discusses the ill effect of current immigration law before the Brooklyn Jewish Center.

Addams sends a statement to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom that includes her telegram to Calvin Coolidge regarding the pending immigration law.

Woods asks the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section to approve Addams's statement regarding American-Japanese foreign policy and the pending immigration law.

Wickersham asks Addams for assistance fighting the provisions regarding Japan in the recent immigration bill.