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Jones recommends Frederick Burlingham as a potential Hull-House resident and asks Addams about contributing articles.
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Addam's notes for a tribute to Alzina Parsons Stevens, the president of Hull-House's Woman's Club.

Addams recounts the roles and responsibilities of marriage and love at the ceremony for two Hull-House residents.

Marot writes Addams about the possibility of teaching in Chicago over the summer and residing at Hull-House.

Ely writes Addams about using Enella Benedict's art to illustrate his article in Harper's Monthly.

Addams sends Ely contact information for potential settlement leaders and discusses the publication of an article.

Addams writes Monroe about a room for her in Hull-House.

Doolittle inquires whether there is space available to stay at Hull-House.

Geddes informs Addams that he has delayed the return of John Duncan from Scotland.

Addams asks about Victor Lawson, and recommends Emily Balch to Ely as one of the "ablest and most level-headed women I know."
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Addams pays her respects to the late Jennie Dow Harvey, whom she knew as the Hull-House kindergarten teacher, as well as having been a dear friend.

Gyles writes Addams about working at Hull-House, but expresses some concerns.

Addams writes Gyles regarding her choice of working at Hull-House or Rockford College and urges her gently to remain at Hull-House.

Maude encloses a donation to Hull-House and discusses his disputes with John C. Kenworthy, who is to stay at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Blaine for the flowers, describing the staff of Hull-House as battered and worn from the holidays. Addams sends Blaine a silver box made by the boys in the shop.

Addams discusses Landsberg's taking a secretarial position, and Landsberg's desire to teach.

Addams is looking for a nurse for Hull-House, and asks Wald if there is anyone she knows of who trained with her to take the position.
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Addams writes to Gyles hoping that she will change her mind about leaving Hull-House.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.

Addams writes Abbott about room allotments for Hull-House residents.

Kent introduces Frances Goodrich, who wishes to be a resident at Hull House.

Addams writes Landsberg about her travels, work on her book, tasks for her to do, and plans for her return to Hull-House.

Addams asks Smith how she is doing and informs her that she will be coming up to visit.

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