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The International Congress of Women asks Denmark to join in a conference of neutral nations to help bring an end to World War I.

Delegates of the International Congress of Women ask the prime minister of Denmark to join a conference of neutral nations.

Hohmeyer writes to Lochner about his observations and discussions with Germans from a recent trip to Denmark.

Daugaard tells Addams that the Danish organization set up to work with the International Congress of Women is disbanding but that they will continue working for peace in concert with other Scandinavian countries.

Daugaard informs Addams that the Danish peace committee associated with the International Congress of Women is dissolving, and they are setting up a new group to work with the ICWPP.

Catt reports that Aletta Jacobs is en route to New York and seeks assistance in meeting with Wilson. Catt is concerned that World War I will spread to Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Daugaard telegrams Addams to inform her that the Danish Section of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom supports the claim of Ireland.

Spencer tells Addams about the work of the American section of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in detail.

The International People's College describes its course on internationalism.

Beenfeldt writes Balch about reservations the Danish members have regarding the policies of the Genoa Conference towards smaller countries.

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