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Mary Field reports on her interview of Addams with regard to the criminal case against Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb for the murder of fourteen year old Bobby Franks in Chicago. Other comments were made by Carl Sandburg and Elllsworth Faris.

Addams discusses the impact of prohibition on urban communities and notes a gradual increase in availability of alcohol due to home-based distilling. Addams gave this talk to the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek Social Workers' Clubs at the Y.W.C.A. building.

Addams asks MacDougald to organize the women of Atlanta to seek a reprieve for Leo Frank in order to review the evidence.

Stahl criticizes Addams for her opposititon to capital punishment.

Rich disputes Addams's views on capital punishment, claiming that sentimental opposition results in more crime.

Knox takes issues with Addams's opposition to capital punishment, offering examples of English justice.

The Tribune praises Governor Lowden's decision to allow Nicholas Viana to be executed and calls Addams's appeal sentimental.

Addams defends her views on capital punishment, replying to a critical editorial.

Addams argues against the death penalty for Nicholas Viana because he is a minor.

Addams asks Hoover for clemency for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti as a means of foreign-born Americans

Hart tells the ACLU that the prisoners that they asked to be released have refused parole until other prisoners were freed.

Addams doubts that a girl held in the disappearance of Jeanne DeKay is the heiress.

Addams tells the press that the woman pretending to be the missing DeKay is an adventuress.

Newspaper story about the latest in the disappearance of Jeanne DeKay contains a short statement about the case by Addams.
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