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DeWeese informs Addams that she and her local "womans association" are doing everything they can to aid the peace movement.

Cooley invites Addams to speak at a luncheon for the Chicago's Woman's Club's incoming president.

Karsten tells Daly more about the Woman's Peace Party and the group's activities and initiatives.

Karsten notifies Addams of Nicholes' passing and of a future meeting held by the Woman's City Club.

Karsten replies to Baldwin notifying him that the Woman's Peace Party hasn't taken a definite stance on his issue.

Karsten sends Bonner material regarding the Woman's Peace Party.

Listing of Women Trade Union League of Chicago delegates attending the conference and number of days and meals required.

Spencer discusses future actions of the Woman's Peace Party.

Eastman describes new organizational changes to the American Union and requests a meeting with Addams before the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting in Philadelphia.

Mead informs Williams that a convention to organize the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party will take place in late January.

Low informs Addams of steps being taken to minimize expenditures regarding the Social Workers' Country Club.

Addams expresses her regrets at the change in status of Andrews membership with the National Committee of Five. Addams also shares her hopes for Andrews' future involvement in the peace movement.

Addams praises Wilmarth's impact on women's organizations, reform, settlements, and progressive politics in Chicago.

Spencer writes to Addams regarding the recent meetings of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom as well as the possible finances of the organization.

Blaffer tells Addams about her efforts to build a settlement in Mexico.

Huntsman sends Addams details and an invitation to the 1922 International Peace Congress.

Webster writes Lathrop news of a contest to identify the twelve greatest women in America that Addams is leading.

Steinhart invites Addams to speak in Sacramento on her way back to Chicago.

Dixon invites Addams to speak to the Women's College Club.
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Gross writes about Addams joining the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Report about club women questioning women on their support for American military.

Addams sends Woods a clipping about patriotic oaths and suggests that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section might want to protest it.

Woods asks Addams for a statement to be sent to National Council of Women regarding their attacks on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Addams replies to Catt's questionnaire but discourages Catt from trying to fight the Daughters of the American Revolution's attacks on her and the peace movement.

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