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Addams discusses the association in the public eye between settlements and immigrants and when immigrants are involved in high profile crimes, settlements are accused of supporting anarchism. Addams defends the role of the settlement as the bridge between immigrant communities and the American public, holding that it does not change in times of crisis.

Misař asks Addams for help to pressure England to stop the oppression going on in Hungary.

Boyden sends Addams propaganda against Poland and bemoans the attacks by both Germans and Jews.

The Friend Sentinel summarizes a protest against antisemitism signed by prominent individuals.

Schwimmer updates Addams about attacks on her by the Jewish media and seeks help taking Norman Hapgood to task.

Thomas asks Addams for an article about better understanding between the races for a publication that he wants to send to Germany.

Addams introduces Spargo to Augusta Kirchoff who is interested in anti-semitism.

Barnett misses Addams and wants to hear more of her activities and inner thoughts.

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