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  • Mentions: International Congress of Women (1915)

A pamphlet containing quotes on war and peace from a wide variety of people.

Catt apologizes to Addams because she did not know that there was another conference planned in Washington, D.C and it has caused confusion.

Zevin writes Addams soliciting a brief statement regarding the disenfranchisement Jewish people are facing in Europe and the United States during World War I.

Jacobs, et. al. invite Addams to a meeting of the International Women's Congress to be held in April at the Hague.

Addams's secretary conveys Addams' hope that Catt will attend the International Congress of Women.

Addams discussed the impact of war on women in a morning talk at the Cort Theater in New York.

Pethick-Lawrence discusses the International Congress of Women to be held in Holland.

Addams's secretary notes that she is on the East coast and that when she returns, she will write a statement for Sewall.

Addams asks Balch to accompany her to the International Congress of Women as a representative of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams's secretary notes that if Addams goes to the west she will speak for the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

Catt sends Addams a copy of a letter that Catt sent to Aletta Jacobs about various meetings.

Rexford read an article about the peace meeting at The Hague and wants to help Addams.

Brown offers Addams a sea-sickness remedy for her trip to the International Congress of Women.

Addams cannot visit Seattle because she may be visiting The Hague at that time.

Addams' secretary discsses the plans for travel to the International Congress of Women.

Karaveloff responds to Addams' request for representatives to the International Congress of Women.

Sewall asks Addams to help plan a session on Child Welfare and Social Service of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of the upcoming peace conference to be held in July, discusses public sentiment on peace on the West Coast, and chides Addams for her lack of support.

Addams discusses efforts for peace with Sewall and indicates that she will attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague.

Schwimmer resigns as International Secretary of the Women's Peace Party and discuss the way that Americans view the role of peace delegations.

Addams discusses the issue of who should lead the American delegation to the International Congress of Women.

Addams invites Wales to attend the International Conference of Women.

Wald declines Addams's invitation to the International Congress of Women due to the press of responsibilities.

Addams declines Baker's invitation to speak at the Amherst Woman's Club, due to her busy schedule for peace. She asks him to persuade Ida Tarbell to attend the International Congress of Women.

Addams asks Balch to attend the International Congress of Women at The Hague due to her experience with race and nationalism.

Addams is disappointed that Wald can't attend the International Women's Congress and considers asking Maud Nathan to attend, but fears she might be pro-German.