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  • Mentions: Culver, Helen (1832-1925)

Addams writes Ely about her manuscript for Democracy and Social Ethics and delays in writing.

Ely asks for advice on approaching Helen Culver for funding for his investigation of Industrial Democracy.

Addams discusses possible sources of funding for Ely's study.

Ely discusses several possibilities for funding his study and asks Addams for help.

Ely reassures Addams that there is no worry over the newspaper article and asks her about donors to a fund.

Addams discusses plans to visit the University of Wisconsin and approaches to funders for Ely's plan.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.

Addams writes Smith about her visit with Charles Smith, books, Hull-House, and recent visitors.

Addams writes Haldeman about her vacation and hopes that Haldeman will visit soon.

Ely agrees with Brett and Addams on a new publication date of Newer Ideals of Peace and hopes the message is recieved well.

Ely asks Addams' advice about funding for Original Documents on Labor and Industry.

Addams responds that she has contacted Helen Culver about Ely's request but is not hopeful about Victor Lawson's willingness to support the project.

Bowen encloses a letter from Helen Culver and offers to fund the construction of a new building.

Annual report of Hull-House, covering the activities, operations, and administration.
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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

French praises Addams' Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Addams thanks Ewing for the apples, expresses sorrow for the fire he experienced, and congratulates him on his new baby.

A list of Hull-House donors as of 1910 who have donated from $100 to $1,000 and over, compiled by the Hull-House Finance Committee.
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Addams writes about finding a location for her settlement and the early days of settling into the neighborhood and developing the ideas for their work. This is the third of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Addams writes Smith about newspaper reviews of her book, a trip to the dentist, and visits with family.

Addams writes Smith with news from home and about a book she is sending as an early birthday present.

Addams writes Haldeman asking about her plans for a visit and sends news on recent events, including Theodore Roosevelt's visit to Hull-House.

Addams writes Haldeman about a hearing on the Child Labor Law in Illinois and discusses her upcoming travel plans.

French asks Addams for help finding employment for a family friend.