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  • Mentions: Barnett, Samuel Augustus (1844-1913)

A clipping noting the Henrietta Barnett's voice is well-suited to broadcasting.

Several filmed outtakes of Jane Addams discussing the history of settlements and the work that they do with a group of children. Click this link to view the video, which comes from a 35mm nitrocellulose negative. The film is hosted by the University of South Carolina's Moving Image Research Collection. A reference card about the clip is also attached.

Mallon reassures Kennedy that the Barnett Memorial Fellowship will meet the needs of both British and American fellows.

Addams tells Kennedy that she agrees that the National Federation of Settlements should discuss Cooper's questions.
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Coolidge tells Addams her ideas on bringing foreign settlement workers to the United States.
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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Edwards sends Addams names who might serve on the Barnett Memorial Fund Committee.

Barnett writes to Addams about her health and recent activities at Toynbee Hall and politics in England.

Wald sends Addams names of people who might join the Barnett Fellowship Committee.

Bellamy updates Kennedy on the effort to raise support for the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Barnett misses Addams and wants to hear more of her activities and inner thoughts.

Higgs praises Addams and talks about the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Christian ideas of peace.

Addams opens the Tenth Conference of the National Federation of Settlements in East Aurora, NY

Barnett sends Addams some photographs and cards as holiday gifts.

Barnett regrets not seeing Addams before returing to England, advises her to drop the American Commission work, and bemoans her lack of success in raising funds.

Barnett tells Addams about her travels and thanks her for her help.

Addams apologizes to Sedgwick for misinterpreting his request regarding Henrietta Barnett's book.

Addams sends Cross her review of Henrietta Barnett's Canon Barnett: his life, work and friends.

Addams tells Kellogg about where her Barnett articles are being published and supports the idea of a League of Free Nations Association meeting held in Europe.

Kellogg asks Addams whether she will send him something on Canon Barnett.

Kellogg suggests changes for Addams article about Samuel Barnett.

Cross asks Addams to write a review of the Henrietta Barnett's Canon Barnett, His Life, Work, and Friends for the The Yale Review.

Barnett tells Addams that her book will be distributed to American settlements.

Karsten replies to Ellery's previous letter to Addams regarding a review of the biography of Canon Barnett.

Barnett updates Addams on the release of her book and asks for Addams's help to publicize it in the United States.