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  • Mentions: International Congress of Women (1919)

Addams invites members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section to donate to The Hague Conference.

Swanwick drafts the resolutions to be presented to the Hague Women's Conference in December, seeking to revise treaties to insure international peace and cooperation.

Addams discusses the importance of including women in labor conferences and organizing and congratulates them on their efforts.

Karsten sends Addams the text of a cable from Jacobs and Manus pressing for a delay of the International Congress of Women.

Jacobs asks Addams if the American delegates will be able to obtain passports for May.

Hamilton tells Smith about her visit in England and her hopes to meet up with Addams in London.

Hamilton tells Smith all about the delegates and atmosphere of the International Congress of Women's opening day.

Hamilton updates Smith on the events of the Congress.

Hamilton tells Smith about Addams's activities at the International Congress of Women and of their plans to travel to Germany and Austria.

Post gives Addams updates on the arrangements of the International Peace Congress, including another woman interested in attending.

Post suggests that Addams get her passport as soon as possible for the upcoming meeting and discusses delegates to the conference.

Post updates Addams on the international delegate situation and provides her with confidential information on plans to obtain passports for the upcoming peace conference.

Post asks Addams how she should get certification that she will be one of the five delegates, and for advice on how to proceed after the fact.

Thacher informs Addams that the U.S. Departments of State and Justice saw no issue in conferring with German women. She also discuss potential dates for the Women's Congress and obtaining passports to travel to the Congress.

Post discusses traveling to Europe with Addams, and worries that she might not be of much use.

Woods reports to Lewis about the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee meeting and plans for a December conference.

Spencer updates Addams on staffing changes at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section and on Fanny Villard's plan to create another women's peace organization.

Haldeman-Julius tells Addams about the family's life, her work at the bank, and efforts to appoint a school nurse in Girard.

Kleman and Widegren suggest a month and place for the International Congress of Women.

An announcement of the Third International Congress of Women and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Summer School.

Parren invites Addams to attend or send a representative to the first Women's Congress to be held in Greece.

Urie tells Balch that the peace movement in Italy is foundering.

Marshall proposes a detailed policy for the operation of the Hague Conference.