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Booth writes Addams about edits for Democracy and Social Ethics.

President Taft writes Addams for her opinion on the appointment of Julia Lathrop as head of the U.S. Children's Bureau.

L. J. R. writes Addams regarding venereal disease in the army and shares the title of a booklet that addresses the subject.

Schwimmer reports to Ford on the activities of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and the creation of the International Committee for Immediate Mediation to achieve the goal of hastening the end of World War I. She also complains about the barriers Ford has set against meeting with her.

Manus sends Addams her response to Balch's proposal to hold a International Woman's Committee for Permanent Peace meeting.

Kellogg discusses the war and the latest draft of a statement Addams has written for the newspapers.

Kellogg send Addams a letter from copy of a letter he received and his reply.

Detrich asks Addams to participate in Gifford Pinchot's campaign events in Pennsyvlania.

Hyers writes to Cory for Addams, explaining that Cory should expect the arrival important literature, like copies of the Manifesto.

Wald congratulates Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and hopes to see her soon.

Wald sends Addams names of people who might join the Barnett Fellowship Committee.

Lathrop and Wald would like Addams to write an article on appropriations for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Rosenwald sends Addams $500 for her work.

Addams asks Breckinridge if she remembers Women's Wear Daily and encloses an article and an invitation related to it.

Addams sends Breckinridge information about the Stead International Memorial Fund and asks her to keep it for Kate Stevens.

Addams provides Haldeman with details about her travel plans in New York, Egypt, Sicily, and Budapest.

Addams tells Lomonosoff that in order for Russian women to attend the International Congress of Women, they need to form a national section and send delegates.

Addams writes to Smith with news about her page proofs and the Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams writes to Doty, for publication in Pax International, about her views on how Women's International League for Peace and Freedom sections can post the League's objects on their literature.

Addams tells Kittredge about her meeting with Lena Mathes regarding the operation of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section.

Addams tells Balch how difficult it is arranging an international meeting and asks if she could go to Europe in advance to help.

Addams confirms the date of a meeting set by Spencer and addresses her concerns regarding the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's leadership.

Pinchot sends Addams some newspapers articles he thinks she will find interesting.

Kellor suggests to Bok that she should write an article about the Progressive Party platform aimed at housewives.

Hobhouse sends a draft report of the International Congress of Women and describes work being done in Europe.