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Affelder tells Addams the names of recent donors to the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Balch sends Addams a receipt for her payment for Maison International postcards.

Addams tells Surles that the Chicago branch of WILPF has been sending international membership directly to Geneva rather than to Washington.

Ingham tells Lewis that she has resigned from the United States Section of WILPF because she feels that the Congress work is being blundered.

Ingham sends Olmsted her resignation from the United States Section of WILPF.

Addams asks Rosenwald if he knows the status of several bequests to Hull-House and asks his opinion of adding Harold Rockwell to the Hull-House Board.

Moore asks Addams to donate to bring foreign delegates to the International Council of Women in Washington, DC in May 1925.

An account of donations to the WILPF Report Fund from June to December 1924.

The Committee discusses budgets, emendations to its policies and fundraising.

Glücklich tells Addams about the deaths of recent friends and her problems keeping up with the office work and other challenges facing the WILPF.

Post lists receipts and expenses incurred in printing the reports of the International Congress of Women.

Wickersham tells Addams about the Committee's resolution on the "Gentleman's Agreement" and their hope to foster better relations between the United States and Japan.

Resolution passed by the Women's Overseas Service League condemns the WILPF and pledges to work against its purposes.

Woods asks Addams her opinion of a plan to study the usefulness of settlements.

Villard tells Lovett that he has written to the Nobel Committee regarding Addams and will suggest it to others.

Lloyd sends Brenner information about a luncheon (not found) and informs her that there are no vacancies at Hull-House at present.

Chicherin reports on efforts to relieve hunger in the Soviet Union.

Addams and Hamilton discuss a meeting they had with Baron Franz and his concerns over the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty, and their reservations about religious freedom in the Roumanian treaty.

Addams discusses the impact of the armistice with Taussig and is willing to go to Washington to respond quickly to events.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Addams informs Jacobs that the American delegates are leaving for Berne, and hopes to meet her there.

Addams congratulates Taylor on raising an endowment for the Chicago Commons.

Post drafts a telegram reply for Addams to the German women's appeal for food and relief.

Mead relates the similarities between President Wilson's Address and the Minimum Program promoted by internationalists.

Gale asks Addams whether she supports the Second Conference for Democracy and Terms of Peace and asks for a reaffirmation of the goals of the Woman's Peace Party.

Buckbee drafted a petition for American children to sign in which they vow to avoid war-like games.

Webster sends Addams a pamphlet on The World's Peace Film Co. which details the company's officers and its plan to create films to promote world peace. It also describes how people can invest in the company to make a profit.

The contract states the financial and publication terms of Jane Addams's Twenty Years at Hull House with the Macmillan Company.
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