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Addams' draft notes for a eulogy for Alzina Parsons Stevens in which she quotes from William Wordsworth's "The Happy Warrior."

The document is all of the information on W. J. McKoy that was given to Roosevelt.
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Addams provides an introduction for a reprint of Myron E. Adams' article published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, on the working conditions of newspaper boys.

Cripps sends an invitation to meet Madeleine Doty at her home.

Addams notes the names of some Korean contacts.

Addams lists names of people who should receive copies of a letter by Emily Balch.

Addams made notations on an itinerary for her stay in Nanking.

Addams sends Blaine a receipt for her donation to International Congress of Women in Dublin.

Addams tells Doty that she will be in Paris on July 1 and that the International Congress of Women should be scheduled later.

Addams introduces Doty to her niece, Mary Hulbert.
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Addam's notes for a tribute to Alzina Parsons Stevens, the president of Hull-House's Woman's Club.

Addams lays out figures from payment from Storm Lake property between John, Weber, Esther and Stanley Linn.

In this copy of a telegram, Dixon invites Addams to a meeting to discuss the Progressive campaign.
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Addams drafts her arguments for the protection of migrant laborers, food supplies, and discusses the different outlook that the working class have towards war. The speech was prepared for the National Conference on Foreign Relations of the United States.

Addams lists authors of papers to be included in a book.

Addams made a list of British contacts.

Taylor writes a list of name of British women and organization that suppport the peace crusade.

A list of attendees at the Abraham Lincoln Centre in Chicago for a meeting of the American Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

The list covers the topics that Haldeman will write or has written to Addams about.

A royalty statement for sales of Democracy and Social Ethics.

Macmillan Company statement of royalties for Addams' first four books.

A royalty statement for all of Addams' books.