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Maude tells Addams that Countess Tolstoya has cancelled her American trip, and asks her to write an introduction for a reprint of What Then Must We Do?

Addams invites members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section to donate to The Hague Conference.

Addams offers Heymann accomodations in Chicago and lecture possibilities. She notes that she keeps a strict division between the work of the Women's International League for Peace in the United States and abroad.

Affelder sends Addams a list of recent donors to the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Addams's secretary asks DeGraff whether she plans to join Addams at The Hague.

Vilma Glücklich writes to Jane Addams enclosing a statement on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's financial situation and tells her that Bartha Lutz could help with  propaganda in Latin America. Glücklich also thanks Addams for the Chinese gifts forwarded by Miss Graves.

Zueblin argues that a deliberate labor policy from the Progressive Party is the key to its survival.

Hulet blesses Addams for her work on the Progressive Party Platform.

Coward commends Addams on being criticized by the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Royden reminds Addams to send a copy of a report of the Chicago Vice Commission to help with a British education campaign.

Detrich invites Addams to come to Pennsylvania to support Gifford Pinchot's political campaign.

Bose invites Addams to tea and provides details of Addams's lecture.

Davis and Judson send Addams an appeal for assistance in feeding the Caucasus.

Bass provides details about Idaho's branch of the Women's Branch of the Progressive Party.

Bass asks Addams to recognize some of the women who worked in Cook County on the State Educational Committee.

Becker invites Addams to discuss the Swabacher issue.

Lee thanks Addams for her statement in the article Has "Has Emancipation Been Nullified," and praises Abraham Lincoln, and discusses slavery and the virtues of liberty.

Sweet asks Addams to contribute some articles to her publishing company.

Clark sends Addams a telegram sent to President Wilson regarding the German women's request for help in peace negotiations.

James writes Addams about some political intrigue with the woman suffrage movement.

James writes Addams about some suffrage campaign intrigue and asks if she can delivers more speeches.
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James writes Addams about activities of the suffrage movement in Wisconsin.

James writes Addams about the campaign of the Wisconsin Suffrage Association and ask her to come back to Wisconsin to speak.