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Woods updates Addams about a Feminist Conference she attended in Lima and her sense of the political situation in Peru.

Parren asks Addams to secure good wishes from American women's groups for the Congress of Greek Women.

Parren tells Addams about the events at the Congress of Greek Women.

Catt tells Morrisson about planning for the Conference on Cause and Cure of War, including inviting Addams. She also discusses the attacks on the WILPF and her desire that they fight back harder.

Boos-Jegher asks Addams to help remove French African troops from occupied Germany.

Moore asks Hull to have the American section of WILPF resign from the National Council of Women due to attacks on the WILPF that are affecting the Council's work.

Moore asks Addams to donate to bring foreign delegates to the International Council of Women in Washington, DC in May 1925.

Addams lists names of people who should receive copies of a letter by Emily Balch.

Addams tells Culver about her trip to Calcutta and the people she met.

From aboard the SS Ethiopia, Addams writes Lovett about Hull-House activities and her impressions of India and Burma.

Addams tells Park that she cannot lecture for the League of Women Voters, but suggests Margaret Crooks.

Odell asks Addams to intervene with Maud Park to allow the WILPF's international visitors to address the League of Women Voters Convention.

The Council provides information about its goals and upcoming meeting.
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