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Ickes tells Bowen that she does not think they should appear before the Chicago Women's Club because most of them oppose their work.

Addams discusses the motto of the Chicago Woman's Club and its history of social reform for its Golden Jubilee at the Congress Hotel.

Addams describes the history of the Chicago Woman's Club and the future of social reform.

Report about club women questioning women on their support for American military.

The Council lists facts and questions for discussion at their annual meeting.

Garlin tells Addams her thoughts on the meeting of the National Council of Women in Detroit.

Addams discusses a meeting with Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 in which he advised women's clubs to agitate for labor reform.

Parren tells Addams that the Greek Women's Congress will be postponed, and asks her to send information on the Greek Women's Club.

Spencer invites Addams to speak at the National American Woman Suffrage Association conference and updates her on suffrage movement's activities.

Listing of Women Trade Union League of Chicago delegates attending the conference and number of days and meals required.

Karsten sends Bonner material regarding the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten notifies Addams of Nicholes' passing and of a future meeting held by the Woman's City Club.

Cooley invites Addams to speak at a luncheon for the Chicago's Woman's Club's incoming president.

Addams informs Eastman of upcoming committee meetings.

Hayes informs Addams of the content to be included in a Peace Day program in Conway and requests suggestions.

Hyers congratulates Pettit on the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs' adoption of a Peace Resolution.
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Two excerpts from an article detailing the goings on of various Chicago women's clubs.

DeWeese informs Addams that she and her local "womans association" are doing everything they can to aid the peace movement.

Hyers invites Holbrook to a meeting of the Woman's Peace Party for Addams after her name was left off the original list.

Addams asks Gale to join her in lobbying the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs to support peace efforts.

Addams informs Schwimmer of members of the committee, and that she is looking forward to seeing her.

Karsten sends Warren a series of materials about the peace movement and hopes that her woman's club will join its efforts.

Edblom asks Addams if there is anything else the Minot Art Club can do as a peace group aside from paying the $5.00 registration fee.

Denison sends Addams a letter from a woman who has criticized Addams. She will answer the letter for Addams, but believes it will be better coming from Addams.

Davis is invited to join the Co-Operating Council, as a representative of the Y.W.C.A.