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Murray discusses bringing the Trojan Women play to America, and refuses royalties.

Parker reports on an interview with Morrison regarding Addams' opposition to a child actor exception to the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Law.

Gregory tells Addams that she will not be able to meet her in Dublin but recalls her help fondly.

Scott encloses a $5,000 check from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, covering costs of the production of The Trojan Women. Scott notes that because the Endowment was uncertain about the Woman's Peace Party's platform, the award was made to Addams personally.

Addams discusses Hemmick's offer to join the Woman's Peace Party and help with dramatic and theatrical propaganda.

Addams discusses plans to visit Haldeman in Philadelphia to see her perform in Ben Hur.

Addams reports that she will be lecturing in Iowa and will miss seeing The Hour Glass.

Addams informs Woods that she has forwarded his question in regards to children in the theater to Mr. Lovejoy. She also implies that though children should not perform if exploited by managers for profit, it is allowable if it is done with education in mind.

Addams invites Lady Gregory to Hull-House to see three plays and to have dinner with her.

Addams invites Whitlock to Chicago to see the Hull-House  production of John Galsworthy's play, Justice.

Addams questions the Mirror's coverage of her views on theater, asking to know the source of their reporting.

Addams asks Keppel whether a decision on "Trojan Women" has been made.

Addams invites Garland and his daughter to come to Hull-House for lunch and to see a production of Alice in Wonderland.

Addams thanks Browne for his letter regarding the production of The Trojan Women.

Oglesby informs Addams that allowing her request to speak at the hearings on the child actor bill was not within his power.

Denvir informs Addams that the Illinois legislative bill, which would have allowed theaters to employ children after hours, failed in large part to her efforts against it.

Pelham responds to Bennett's harsh critique of the Hull-House Players.

Wald hopes to see Addams in Washington and to attend the Irish Commission hearings. She also comments on John Galsworthy's Mob.

Bowen responds to Minnie Fiske's letter promoting child labor in the theater.

Hyers updates Addams on a manuscript they feel should be produced as a play.

Holt had sent Addams a copy of her play, which Addams cannot fund or send on to Ford, as Holt had hoped.

Addams recounts a story depicted in a children's play at Hull-House, which she offers as an allegory about the importance of women in society.

Lovejoy asks Addams about the status of the Child Actor Bill pending in the Illinois legislature.
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Addams gives a praising review of Lovett's play Cowards.

Lindsey's secretary asks Addams to look over a plan for the protection of stage children.