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Addams sends La Follette sympathies on the death of her husband Robert La Follette.

Patrick thanks Addams for her letter about his wife's death.

Addams offers her condolences at the death of Madeline Breckinridge.

Gambier-Bousfield sends condolences to Addams on the death of her nephew John Addams Linn.
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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.

Addams sends Blaine her sympathy on the death of her son.

Addams sends her affection and sympathy for the difficult times Blaine in facing with her daughter.

Addams apologizes to Balch for missing her in Amsterdam then asks her to review The Survey. Addams includes a list of people she and Emily met in England.

Addams offers her sympathy on the death of Starrs' father and describes her work in Europe.

Sewall suggests a speaker to Addams and updates her on a conference that is being planned on the West coast.

Addams writes to convey her sympathies and support upon the death of Starr's brother and offers to come see her and her father in Durand, Illinois.

A summary of Addams' speech in St. Louis to the General Federation of Woman's Clubs, arguing that education is the responsibility of all.

Addams thanks Ewing for the apples, expresses sorrow for the fire he experienced, and congratulates him on his new baby.

Addams offers her sympathy on the death of Riis' wife.