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Addams tells Lomonosoff that in order for Russian women to attend the International Congress of Women, they need to form a national section and send delegates.

Addams sends Woods letters regarding Russian participation in the WILPF.

Woods tells Lomonosoff that she can try to arrange a speaking tour for Alexandra Kollantai if she can serve as a Russian delegate to the International Congress of Women.

Addams tells Lomonosoff that she is excited that there might be a Russian Section of WILPF forming and hopes that they will attend the International Congress of Women.

Heymann sends Balch a request to send a WILPF commission of three to Russia and the Ukraine to investigate conditions.

Breshkovsky updates Addams on her efforts to spread peace work in Russia.

Wald tells Addams that Francis Carey opposed their Wilson letter and remarks on her recent visit with Addams and the situation in Russia.
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