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Balch sends a notice regarding the WILPF Summer school to WILPF secretaries and includes quotes from former student in Germany.

Addams and Bacon discuss Marianna Haenisch and her charitable work in Vienna and appeal to American women to help Austrian women.

Addams gives a statement about the role of education in Germany in fostering war and peace.

Heymann updates Addams on the WILPF Executive Committee meeting, office, and issues in Vienna.

Muprhy details the American peace tour of Annot Robinson, Gertrud Baer, and Thérèse Pottecher-Arnould.

Schurgast tells Addams her views on international politics and German women's efforts for peace.

Heyman asks Addams to confirm rumors that Gertrud Baer was arrested on arrival in the United States and expresses her concerns.

Frankel tells Addams of her interest in WILPF work in Australia and Germany.

An advertisement for a book on the Peace Movement edited by Kurt Lenz and Walter Fabian.

Adler tells Spencer that he is skeptical about Friedrich Foerster's plans for a pacifist school to be funded from outside Germany.

Ebert welcomes Addams to Europe and thanks her for her efforts to relieve suffering after World War I.

Balch sends Addams the text of Lili Jannasch's letter that describes the German women's struggle against Pan-Germanism and seeks help from WILPF.

Balch asks WILPF sections to send petitions and letters to the London Conference demanding a modification in the amount of reparation payments to be levied on Germany.

Ernst asks Addams for a meeting, telling her that she has felt alienated from American peace activists and advising on the problems in Germany.

Heymann sends Addams a resolution calling for Irish independence and tells of the situation in Europe.

Dulles thanks Addams for introducing her to German WILPF members.

Villard sends Addams a message from a German woman and asks her to write a leaflet for the Women's Peace Society.

Augspurg and Heymann suggest the dismissal of volunteer militias, arguing that Germany should instead focus on education to restart its economy and culture.

Addams sends Kellogg a call from the Bavarian WILPF to halt militarism.

A petition calling for an international woman's strike in the case of war.

Dreier offers Addams her views on several German women leaders.

Jacobs explains to Addams how a report got out that she disavowed Addams's report on the German trip and reports on her activities.

Hamilton tells Smith about Addams's activities at the International Congress of Women and of their plans to travel to Germany and Austria.

Hanfstaengl writes to Addams regarding the Woman's Congress meeting in Zurich.

Sihler tells Addams he added her name to a list of subscribers to a potential publication about Germany.

Addams explains what the National Office of the Woman's Peace Party has been doing as the United States is on the brink of war.

Selenka asks Addams if she can attend the upcoming Woman's Peace Party annual meeting to update her on the German committee of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Karsten is looking for a pamphlet that Mead needs and will pass it along when she finds it. Karsten has also been working with several librarians who are interested in peace literature.

Hyers responds for Addams, telling Pfannebecker that it would be extremely difficult to help the peace movement by contacting relatives in Germany and urging them to protest to their government.
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