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Addams asks if Adams can arrange lectures in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Peytr Kropotkin in April, noting that she seems to have become his western manager.

Adams discusses possible lecture venues for Peytr Kropotkin at the University of Michigan and invites Addams to visit Ann Arbor.

Kropotkin thanks Addams for her work in arranging lectures for him and discusses plans for his visit in April.

Goldman writes regarding Peytr Kropotkin's upcoming visit and asks Addams to provide admission to the meetings arranged for Chicago for her friend Hippolyte Havel, who would not be able to afford entry.

Addams tells Ely that Peytr Kropotkin will stay with Ely in Madison, Wisconsin, and remarks on Kropotkin's health.

Ely notes that George Brett had asked about Addam's lecture route for promoting Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams discusses her speaking obligations for the Child Labor Bill which have interrupted her plans with Haldeman.

Jones asks Addams for advice on filling lecture slots in March.

James Speed's Nature Lectures is a circular filled with reviews of and summary of the topics covered in Speed's lectures.

Addams writes Du Bois to confirm his commitment to deliver a speech at Hull-House on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

Addams thanks Wald for a speech she wrote and sends wishes for a visit with her soon.

George H. Mead's address to the Board of Education, discussing education as a social process.

Addams sends Blaine a copy of a speech that Addams heard on education reform.

Addams sends Ross a program for a conference at which he has agreed to speak.

Addams expresses to King her interest in speaking for the Religious Education Association but regrets that she cannot yet make commitments because of her involvement with the Chicago School Board.

Thomas invites Addams to stay with her while Addams is speaking at Bryn Mawr College.

Thomas writes Addams about arrangements for her trip to Bryn Mawr College.

Addams writes Sikes to accept her invitation to lecture in Bloomington, Illinois, about Industrial Education.

Speed requests to speak at the Chicago Municipal Library and encloses a circular about his recent lectures.

Addams' recommendation of Raymond Robins.

Jones asks to lecture at the Municipal Museum but requests some preliminary information first.

Ware invites Addams to visit while she is in Atlanta to give a commencement speech at Atlanta University.

Addams writes King, hoping to be released from her obligation to lecture at the Religious Education Association and promising to speak at Oberlin next year instead.

King writes Addams about a Washington lecture she promised.

A pamphlet listing Theophile T. Allain's credentials as a lecturer.

Addams asks Nestor to speak at a public hearing in Springfield, Illinois, to discuss municipal voting for women.
Jane Addams to David Bressler, March 31, 1909.jpg

Addams writes Bressler with details regarding the presentation of his upcoming lecture.
David Bressler to Jane Addams, April 2, 1909.jpg

Bressler and Addams continue their correspondence regarding the details of his lecture.

Addams writes Nester about her agreement to speak at a public hearing in Springfield, Illinois.

Welch gives Addams permission to use material from one of her own lectures for another purpose.
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