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James asks for Addams's endorsement of Robert La Follette, a Progressive Party candidate for President of the United States.

Addams gives a short statement in support of a municipal zoo.

Coit congratulates Addams on New Conscience and Ancient Evil and reflects on the book's subject matter.

Beveridge confirms speaking dates for Addams and sends her an update on the Progressive campaign in Indiana.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

Woods updates Addams on her activities for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section and suggests developing a series of publications on various topics related to peace.

Martin asks Karsten to thank Addams for her political endorsement and hopes she will help campaign in Nevada.

Martin asks Addams to speak at the opening of her campaign for the Senate.

Martin asks Addams to speak at a campaign rally for her Senate run.

Martin's secretary asks Addams for a statement of support for Martin's U.S. Senate campaign.

An anonymous writer gives Addams advice for the Progressive Party to win the election.

Kellogg discuses Addams' endorsement of Woodrow Wilson and the general sense that social workers are behind him.

Lindsey writes Addams about the victory of an independent candidate in the Colorado election.

Macmillan writes Addams regarding the League of Nations and compulsory testing and treatment for venereal disease.

Addams and other supporters of Theodore Roosvelt's 1912 presidential campaign endorse Robert La Follette for president.

Addams argues that William Kent's track record in Chicago makes him an able candidate for the Senate.
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Addams endorse Woodrow Wilson in the 1916 election because of his track record of respect for providing individuals with opportunity.

Perkins reports the outcomes of local and state elections, but puts a particular emphasis on the outcome of the 7th district of New Jersey.

Ickes tells Addams he is supporting James M. Cox for president and would like to meet with her to discuss it.

Greeley sends supporters material for Anne Martin's political campaign.

Morris informs Addams that Harold G. Townsend was elected both secretary of the Chicago Peace Society and director of the Central West Department of the American Peace Society. He extends wishes for good cooperation on behalf of Townsend.

Addams talks with a Kansas City Star reporter about increased political participation, recreation in cities and her work as garbage collector in Chicago.

Fisher urges Addams to publicly support James Cox in the upcoming election in order to save the League of Nations.