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Addams sends Gibson a petition opposing conscription and calling for World Disarmament.
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Percin discusses the importance of education about peace to contrast warmongering.

Addams praises Elliott's response to Grace Johnson and argues that striving for total disarmament may not be realistic, but it is the overall goal.

The Evening Star reports on the strife over the peace movement at the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War.
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Addams talks about the economic impact of war and preparedness on the budget and how social programs could be expanded with disarmament.

Addams, speaking at Schenley High School, described the differing motivations of the wealthy and the poor when it comes to disarmament.

Addams tells Courtney of her concern over the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's language which has to walk a fine line to maintain all its members.

Glücklich asks Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Sections and leaders to support the League of Nations's Protocol for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, and discusses plans to better promote disarmament.

Addams argues for disarmament at a mass meeting held at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston.

Balch tells the Kaskia Chapter that Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's position ion disarmament has been misrepresented and hopes that even if they disagree, they are both working for the nation's best interests.

Jüllig asks Addams if her organization can speak on disarmament at the International Congress of Women.

Addams argues for disarmament and claims the vast majority of taxes are used for war.

Addams tells Royds that she would prefer that the disarmament conference be held until after the 1921 International Congress of Women.

Moore asks Kellogg his opinion of a plan for a world disarmament referendum.

Moore asks Addams to support plans for a worldwide disarmament referendum.

Ross asks Addams to contribute an opinion on disarmament for the American Legion Weekly.

Addams tells Libby that she accepts the position as Vice Chairman on the National Council for Reduction of Armaments.

Brown asks Addams to publicize the "No More War" disarmament demonstrations planned for June.

Maine's plans for Armistice and Disarmament Day on November 11, 1921.

Baxter discusses his views on the Conference for the Limitation of Armament
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Amy Woods writes to Jane Addams asking her advice on how the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom should gain finances for the December 7th Hague Conference of 1922