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Breckinridge sends Feagin a copy of the Settlement Bibliography as a resource for researching Chicago philanthropic women.

Addams asks about Haldeman's illness and reports news from Hull-House about the Boy's Club and about Esther and Charlie Hulbert and their children.

Addams writes Lindsey about the positive effects of the Boy Scouts.

Addams has been named an honorary vice president of the "Children's World Peace Movement."

Taylor discusses finances and plans for summer camps for Hull-House boys and girls.

Taylor details the financial happenings and successful Christmas party in the Chicago Commons, as well as future plans for renovation.

Addams is unable to help with the formation of a teacher exchange program proposed by Handford. Addams's secretary suggests that Handford work with the San Francisco libraries to foster internationalism in children.

Lindsey thanks Addams for her opinion on the Boy Scouts and shares his trouble in convincing some people of the organization's value.

La Follette asks Addams whether or not she knew that the After School Club was a business enterprise and not a charitable one.

Haldeman discusses the logistics of starting a young boy's club.

Pond writes to Bowen regarding a bequest from the Schwabacher family for a summer camp to be operated in conjunction with the University of Chicago Settlement.

Norton thanks Buckbee for the peace petition she sent to Addams and suggests some alternate routes.
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