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Balch writes Addams regarding forgiveness for Austrian war debts.

Balch updates Addams on her plans and the question of Austrian credit for war debts.

A draft of a statement to be sent to the Genoa Economic and Finance Conference about how to avoid another world war and start European recovery.

Balch proposes that the United States loan France funds funds on the provision that it give up its occupation of the Rhineland.

Balch tells Hughes the circumstance of her making an erroneous statement about Austrian war debts.

An editorial complaining that German women are bearing the brunt of the Versailles treaty, and questioning the belief that Germany was responsible for the outbreak of the war.

Woods reports to Lewis about the WILPF Executive Committee meeting and plans for a December conference.

Addams announces that she is meeting with world leaders to urge them to settle the reparations problem immediately.

Addams reports that she was not able to meet with government officials and that she will not intervene in reparations discussions.
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