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An issue of Unity that features articles on the settlement of international disputes, labor in Italy and Germany, and book reviews.

Karsten sends Leach copies of a letter regarding the Congress After the War.

Lynch writes about the travels of Battin, and some of his accomplishments in traveling abroad to various branches of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Glasier explains that she has been turning to religion to fight for peace during the First World War.

Glasier describes her time at home while the war wages on and she hopes for peace.

Gallagher informs Addams that he has received her letter and plans to reply to her views on the war.

Addams sends Wald a letter from Bryan, in which he says that President Wilson supports peace in his heart, but that is impossible.

Jordan has little hope for the meetings that United States officials are having in Europe.

Crane sends Addams pamphlets Lansing wishes her to read.

Blauvelt and Ogle detail The Kenton County Equal Franchise Association's political and philosophical stance on peace.

Addams promises to send Wales more folders with argumentative content. Addams also responds to a suggestion offered by Wales in previous correspondence and has enclosed a poem from a soldier.

Addams enclosed a poem from a soldier fighting in World War I and offers it for use to Kellogg. Addams further explains her reasons and hesitations in providing reviews of nine books Kellogg had sent her.


This petition draft urges Wilson to help end the war by peaceful means.

The petition requests that university and college faculties support the United States in ending World War I. The petition will later be sent to President Wilson.

Style asks Addams how she could help the peace movement and thanks her for trying to end the war.
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In this speech, Addams tells the alumnae of the University of Michigan at the Chicago College club, how they can help with the food shortage crisis by conserving food and understanding the production of food.
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Addams considers the role of Leo Tolstoy's writings in the recent decision of Russian soldiers not to fight in the war.
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Addams considers the role of Leo Tolstoy's writings in the recent decision of Russian soldiers not to fight in the war.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud peoples judgment about the war.

Selborne talks about the war and what the warring nations see as minimal terms for peace. She also talks about how woman suffrage is a secondary and less important issue to these governments.
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A fragmented document written by Addams, possibly a draft of a speech she would later give. In it, Addams argues how nationalistic ideas are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war.