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Glucklich sends Addams and the Executive Committee questions about the WILPF constitution and requests for collaboration.

Addams tells Shiverick that she is asking Emily Balch to respond to his letter due to the press of running the WILPF Summer School.

Gobat tells Addams that Vilma Glücklich is discouraged about the WILPF's work in Geneva.

Addams and Balch offer Glucklich and Ramondt a plan to organize WILPF finances and ask for their opinions.

Addams thanks Lovett for sending a sweater and discusses plans for WILPF space in Chicago.

Glücklich tells Addams that is concerned about discrepancies between membership lists held in the International and National offices.

Addams assures Porter that despite the fact that the WILPF headquarters is in Geneva, she directs its activities and has from its founding.

Balch tells Glücklich that Addams believes that the WILPF membership drive should be run out of the Geneva office, not the United States.

Glücklich tells Addams about efforts to carry out the resolution passed at the International Congress of Women.

Ingham tells Addams about the mass resignation of office staff working on the International Congress of Women due to their inability to work Amy Woods and others.

Woods sends Marshal and Addams questions about the organization of the 1924 International Congress of Women.

Lewis asks Addams about the possibilty of hiring Amy Woods as the United States WILPF Executive Secretary and outlines plans for the Section's future.

Addams tells Grave she is unable to give a lecture due to an engagement in New York and clarifies the meaning of an international member of WILPF.

Addams answers many of Balch's questions regarding travel in 1921, WILPF personnel, and the summer school plans.

Balch sends Glücklich initial plans for the 1924 International Congress of Women.

Woods tells Addams about plans for the next International Congress of Women, problems at the WILPF, and possible members of a peace prize committee.

Heymann writes Mayreder offering to come to Vienna to iron out difficulties between members of the WILPF.

Balch gives Addams her views on nationalism as it impacts WILPF and the Mexican section particularly.

Bryan suggests to Addams that women might support a campaign to remove warlike toys from households.

The constitution, adopted at the April 1922 meeting contains 13 articles detailing the purpose and internal organization of the Section.

Balch tells Addams about her ideas for the WILPF's future and staffing and discusses her travel plans.

Balch asks Addams for her thoughts on the date and place of the WILPF Executive Committee meeting.

Balch tells Addams her thought on upcoming events and long-term plans for the WILPF.

Balch apologizes to Heymann about the delay in responding to the Polish section of the WILPF and sends a response which she is not sure is worth sending.

Balch writes to the WILPF Executive Committee postponing the meeting and requesting feedback on several issues.

Odell updates Addams on the WILPF United States Section's plans regarding the Washington Naval Conference.

Spencer tells Addams about plans for a speaking engagement in Boston and suggests that if Emily Balch is leaving the WILPF secretary position, they should find her a paid role in the American peace movement.

Addams tells Kittredge about her meeting with Lena Mathes regarding the operation of the United States Section of WILPF.

Balch sends WILPF Sections information on the events of the International Congress of Women.

WILPF budgets expenses for the period of September 1, 1921 to January 1, 1922.
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