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Balch writes to Villard questioning the need for a new international peace organization for women.

Karsten tells Addams that she is leaving her position as WILPF-US executive secretary and will not attend the upcoming meeting.

Prenter regrets that Addams was unable to come to t Toronto and sends her a form letter they are sending to Canadian women and asks her advice on letters.

Balch writes Leach about the role of the WILPF American Section and updates her on recent activities.

Kelley tells Addams how excited she is that Mabel Kittredge is now running the WILPF's American branch.

Wald hopes to see Addams in Washington and attend the Commission hearings and comments on Galsworthy's Mob.

Balch tells Addams how they are seeking to mitigate complaints in Austria about holding the Congress in a place where people are starving.

Heymann tells Addams that she was disappointed with the International Congress of Women and won't be attending the Summer School.

The Polish section of the WILPF question the motives of members of the Ukranian Section when it comes to the issue of Galicia.

Mead tells Addams about the aftermath of the WILPF mass meeting and the inaccurate coverage in the press.

Addams provides the Tribune with details of the resolutions passed at WILPF Mass Meeting and discusses the parade. The Tribune includes a quote from the statement that Addams argued was incorrect.

Addams writes to the Tribune to correct reports about the WILPF Mass Meeting in Washington.

Post writes Addams about the problem of the Odells and the inaccurate press following the United States Section of WILPF's Mass Meeting.

Post consults with Addams about how the United States Section of the WILPF should respond to inaccurate news coverage of their 1921 conference.

Lewis tells Addams about politics in the WILPF, Herbert Hoover's efforts to assist with Russian relief, and her family.

Lewis explains to Addams the errors that the WILPF United States made over the summer while she was ill.

Peabody praises Addams's Peace and Bread in Time of War and her views on religion.

Balch tells Addams about her ideas for the WILPF's future and staffing and discusses her travel plans.

Schwimmer asks Addams about why the peace movement seems to be boycotting her.

Balch gives Addams her views on nationalism as it impacts WILPF and the Mexican section particularly.

Heymann berates WILPF National Sections for poor participation, lack of activity and support for the International office.

Schwimmer blasts Addams and the United States Section of WILPF for their lack of publicity and organizing work for the International Congress of Women and criticizes the impact that social workers have made on the peace cause.

Addams tells Hull that she does not thing that Carrie Catt was ever expelled from the WILPF.

Ingham tells Addams about the mass resignation of office staff working on the International Congress of Women due to their inability to work Amy Woods and others.

Ingham tells Lewis that she has resigned from the United States Section of WILPF because she feels that the Congress work is being blundered.

Addams presents Boynton with the WILPF objects and denies that any oath or pledge is required of its members.

Addams apologizes to Picton-Tubervill for issuing publicity for the Pax Special that listed her as a speaking and promised to add some English-speaking speakers for its Toronto stop.

A WILPF member sends Addams a draft letter (not found) to answer press criticism of the International Congress of Women.

Kilbreth accuses Addams and the WILPF of lying when they say that there is no pledge or vow taken by its members. She indicates that a pledge to refuse to aid war efforts is unpatriotic.

Travis asks Addams for WILPF papers from the International Congress of Women that she has been unable to learn about in the papers.
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