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Addams advises Hull regarding the American Section of WILPF's efforts to raise funding because of the attacks on the peace movement.

Addams tells Taussig that she and Carrie Catt have discussed the makeup of the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and Addams agreed that she ought not attend it.

Heymann tells Addams that WILPF is devolving into a less effective organization and has lost its previous cameraderie.

Woods informs Moore that the WILPFis resigning from the National Council of Women.

Widegren tells Addams that the Swedes are having difficulities accepting WILPF's pacifist platform passed at the International Congress of Women.

Addams addresses the objections of the American Legion to the WILPF Summer School, denying their charges that the peace movement is led by Communists.

Evans tells Addams her views on the British Section of WILPF's objections to agreements made at the 1924 International Congress of Women.

The Herald reports an attack on Addams at the  Daughters of the American Revolution meeting.

Eastman sends Addams news coverage of an attack on her and the WILPF made at the Massachusetts conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Elliott corrects the reporting in the Herald regarding the International Congress of Women and Jane Addams.

Elliott sends Addams a protest she wrote to the editor of the the Boston Herald over the attacks by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Spencer tells Addams about recent confrerence and her sister's medical condition.

Addams tells Hull that her response to Carrie Catt was perfect and she would like to publish it in the WILPF newsletter.

Catt tells Hull why she made statement about the WILPF and asks to reconcile.

Addams sends Levinson an attack on the WILPF for trying to outlaw war.

Jacobs wishes Addams a speedy recovery from illness and talks of the difference in reception in Washington at the International Council of Women meeting and the WILPF's International Congress of Women.

Balch sends Shiverick information about the WILPF's goals in reply to his letter to Addams.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Lathrop seeks to talk to Addams about relations between the League of Women Voters and WILPF.

Addams thanks Catt for her letter about the McLeod resolution but believes that it has come to a showdown.

Addams advises Doty about holding the WILPF United States section in Chicago, and discusses Japanese-American relations.

Addams tells Travis that the Daughters of the American Revolution national meeting refused to condemn the WILPF, but some local chapters have.

Ingham tells Lewis that she has resigned from the United States Section of WILPF because she feels that the Congress work is being blundered.

Moore tells the NCW Executive Committee that the WILPF was advised to resign from their organization, sent a letter resigning , but then rescinded it. She is asking for a vote to call for a resignation.

Glücklich tells Addams about some of the difficulties in the WILPF office with regard to publications and the British Section.

Balch warns Welsh that his comments about the WILPF are false and libelous. The letter was drafted on October 31 and may have been sent on November 9.

Balch sends a statement to the Associated Industries of New York to refute articles published that attacked the WILPF. A similar letter was sent to the Kentucky group.

Addams sends Balch a statement about the attack on WILPF by sections of the National Council of Women.

Addams sends Balch a statement about the attack on WILPF by sections of the National Council of Women.
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