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Inouye thanks Addams for her hospitality during his visit to the United States.

Bergen tells Addams about the plans for the Institute of Pacific Relations conference held in Hawaii and introduces William and Makiko Vories who are establishing a school in Japan.

McClatchy asks Addams to oppose efforts to weaken immigration restrictions on Japan and to help them obtain more supporters among the clergy.

Gavit tells Addams about her brother's views on Japan and China

Thomas asks Addams for help raising funds to support Japanese students in the United States.

In two Detroit speeches, Addams praises the candidacy of Robert La Follette for the presidency and offers impressions from her world trip.

Addams notes that Japan and China would like to work more closely with the United States.

Macnaghten tells Addams of her travels in Japan and her plans to visit Canada.

Addams asks Coolidge to veto efforts to limit Japanese immigration to the United States.

Addams sends a statement to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom that includes her telegram to Calvin Coolidge regarding the pending immigration law.

Gulick asks Addams' advice on how the National Committee on American Japanese Relations can best combat the quota being placed on Japanese immigrants.

Addams tells of her trip to Asia and encourages American women to collaborate with women in Asia.

Kellogg summarizes Addams's speech to the City Club on her impressions from India, Japan, China and the Philippines.

Addams tells Jōdai about the upcoming international peace conference and sends greetings to Japanese friends.

Gulick tells Addams about the efforts of the Committee in regard to the House Immigration Bill and seeks financial support.

Addams advises Doty about holding the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section's meeting in Chicago, and discusses Japanese-American relations.

Uchimura discusses his disappointment with the United States for its immigration policy regarding Japan.

Woods tells Speer that he considers the Japanese Exclusion Act a disaster for the United States.

Gulick discusses Japanese-American foreign relations and how they have been impacted by the Great Kanto Earthquake and the anti-Japanese immigration laws passed in the United States.

Gulick sends Addams a pamphlet on the Japanese question to help with her speeches.

Gulick tells Addams that National Committee on American Japanese Relations is once more active.

Wickersham tells Addams about the Committee's resolution on the "Gentleman's Agreement" and their hope to foster better relations between the United States and Japan.

Fisher wishes Addams a speedy recovery and hopes to visit her in Japan.