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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Addams discusses child labor, the topic of an upcoming lecture at the Summer School.

Lloyd sends Thomas a donation from Morris Topchevsky who is associated with Hull-House.

Hoover asks Addams for information about Hull-House's Neva Boyd School of Recreational Training.

Addams tells Fouts that candidates for a job at Hull-House need to have both sewing and dressmaking skills, but invites her to see if another position would work.

Addams invites Blaine to discuss the Montessori school at Hull-House.

Smith asks Loeb whether Madeline Foreman should take over Hull-House's kindergarten.

Daniels tells Addams that they need more information regarding the purchase of buildings for Hull-House's camp.

Addams updates Benedict on Hull-House, Mary Smith's condition and discusses money for pictures.

Addams asks Abbott for a contribution to the new Hull-House Year Book.

Smith reaches out to Haldeman after the death of Haldeman's mother and discusses family affairs and Hull-House.

Addams has compiled a list of Hull-House activities for the Chicago Association of Commerce.
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Addams explains the difference between opposing child acting as an occupation and a vocation.
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Addams discusses the many programs at Hull-House that appeal to its immigrant neighbors and the additional value that their neighbors bring to the programs.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.

Addams informs Woods that she has forwarded his question in regards to children in the theater to Mr. Lovejoy. She also implies that though children should not perform if exploited by managers for profit, it is allowable if it is done with education in mind.

Lathrop asks Addams to meet with a visiting scholar interested in women's vocational education.

Addams reports that Mary Flexner has been helping with the Trade School and is doing quite well.
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Addams writes about finding a location for her settlement and the early days of settling into the neighborhood and developing the ideas for their work. This is the third of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Addams informs Bevans of the classes and lectures offered at Hull House.
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Addams discusses the two methods by which Hull-House seeks to expose immigrant communities to greater society: by securing people who form friendships in the community and by providing self-expression to the immigrants.

Addams writes Harrison about the problem of a Greek saloon across the street from the Boys' Club at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Kent for his donation and discusses outdoor activities planned for the Hull-House Boys Club.

Addams discusses Landsberg's taking a secretarial position, and Landsberg's desire to teach.

Addams writes to Blaine asking for financial help for Hull-House.

Addams thanks Bartlett for her donation and provides an update on the summer classes.

Addams reminds Blaine about a reception for neighborhood teachers at which Elizabeth Hughes will speak.
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