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Addams thanks Blaine for her donation, which will secure future manual classes and the Labor Museum.

Gompers writes Addams regarding Ben Tillett's visit to Chicago and the prospect of Tillett delivering an address at Hull House.

Addams provides an overview of the activities of the Hull-House Labor Museum, complete with illustrations of weaving. The sixteen-page report discusses the weaving and cloth-making techniques of various immigrants who live in the Hull-House neighborhood.

Addams seeks a lecture on the Poetry of Labor or the Poetry of Revolt for Hull-House.

A summary of Addams' address about Hull-House and its relationship with the neighbors it supports.

De Wolf refuses to fund Hull-House's camp program because of his disapproval of Hull-House's support for workers and unions and calls for it to divorce itself from politics, labor issues, and religion.

Bowen responds to de Wolf's criticism of Hull-House with a defense of the motives of the residents and its action during labor strikes.

Stolberg asks Fitzpatrick for assistance setting up a meeting of the Worker's Education in Chicago and Spencer Miller.