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A summary of Addams' address about Hull-House and its relationship with the neighbors it supports.

Addams recalls the different difficulties in creating an inviting and educational space for Italian immigrants.

An excerpt of Addams' lecture on how settlement houses give people opportunities to practice arts and crafts, an important activity for immigrants afraid of losing their cultural heritage.

Excerpts from Addams' speech on educational opportunities wasted due to discrimination against immigrants.
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Addams talks about the settlement as a bulwark against anti-immigrant persecution, using examples of Russian anarchists.
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Addams discusses the many programs at Hull-House that appeal to its immigrant neighbors and the additional value that their neighbors bring to the programs.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.

Addams sends a copy of her Charities and the Commons article to clarify her position on the Averbuch Incident.

Addams summarizes the life and background of Italian immigrants living in Chicago.
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Addams discusses the association in the public eye between settlements and immigrants and when immigrants are involved in high profile crimes, settlements are accused of supporting anarchism. Addams defends the role of the settlement as the bridge between immigrant communities and the American public, holding that it does not change in times of crisis.

Addams speaks for the value of immigrants to American society. This article was drawn from a speech.