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Addams gave a tribute to the life of Sarah Rozet Smith at the dedication of the Hull-House organ. This speech was later printed as a pamphlet.

Lindsey hopes Addams can meet Miss Laurane Porter, who is very interested in the children's groups they are a part of, including the Juvenile Courts.

An unsigned letter discusses farm property in the Evanston area for sale and suggests that it could serve Hull-House as a camp or summer location.
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Addams extols the benefits of cultivating a belief in Santa Claus among children. It was part of a larger article, "We Believe in Santa Claus," published in a variety of newspapers.

Addams asks Blaine for a donation to the Hull-Hull-House Outing Fund. The letter, which probably went out to numerous others, was sent while Addams was abroad.

A form letter by Addams asks Blaine for a donation to the Hull-House summer camp.

Addams asks for donations to Hull-House's Waukegan summer programs for children.

Addams asks Abbott to hand to printing of a pamphlet and discusses a workshop at Hull-House.

Addams requests a donation from Sprague to support Hull-House's summer children's camp.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Addams updates Benedict on Hull-House, Mary Smith's condition and discusses money for pictures.

Addams thanks Graves for Julius Rosenwald's financial support for the Bowen Country Club.

Addams asks Robins for donations to send children to the Bowen Country Club.
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