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The Conference proposes a series of resolutions calling for revision of the peace terms of World War I.

Addams argues that women can organize to prevent wars.

A snippet of a letter Furuhjelm wrote Balch on support for disarmament in Finland.

Parren asks Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to support the efforts of Greek women and oppose the Treaty of Sèvres and the work of the London Conference.

Urie tells Balch that the peace movement in Italy is foundering.

Marshall updates Addams on meetings with pacifists and proposes a resolution regarding the conscription of people in newly won areas.

Cripps tells McDonald that he believes the terms of the Versailles treaty will lead to dire economic consequences.

Apcar tells Addams about the massacre underway in Armenia and asks her help in getting the word out.

Apcar asks Addams if she can help the plight of Armenian Christians in Turkey.

Apcar tells Addams about the persecution of Armenian and Assyrian Christians perpetrated by the British and French.

Boynton updates Addams on her time at Maison Internationale and her travels through Italy.

Balch asks Addams to help cheer up Rosika Schwimmer who has gotten on the wrong side of the Karolyi regime in Hungary.

Balch sends Addams the text of Lili Jannasch's letter that describes the German women's struggle against Pan-Germanism and seeks help from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Balch updates Addams about international politics and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom plans for conference and summer schools.

Mann writes about joining the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, as well as political conditions in England.

Addams discusses her impressions of Europe and the Washington Naval Conference at two speeches in St. Louis.

Addams argues that international organizations should include humanitarian goals as well as political ones in order to win public support. This was also given as a speech to the Labor Forum in Detroit on November 28.

Addams spoke to the Reading Chamber of Commerce on the role that the United States could play in reducing the humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Herron tells Addams that he fears that a group of American politicians want to destroy the League of Nations and seeks some ideas about how to support it.

Countess von Treuberg asks Addams for advice on making a lecture tour of the United States.

Bryce shares with McDonald his ideas about the American role in peace in Europe.

Addams asks Colby to allow relief efforts to proceed in the Soviet Union.

Addams updates Barnett on insurance payments for a set of broken slides and apologizes for missing her in New York.