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Sweet asks Addams to contribute some articles to her publishing company.

McFarland provides an estimate for printing "Newsboy Conditions in Chicago."

Small writes Addams asking if she would be willing to allow her paper to be published in a journal.

Urion praises Addams' Charities and the Commons article.

Nelson asks Addams if she wants copies of Newer Ideals of Peace presented to college professors for educational purposes.

Gray objects to Addams' use of the word "cadet" in her McClure's Magazine article.

McLaughlin thanks Addams for agreeing to contribute to Cyclopedia of American Government and praises her books.

Addams must have changed her mind about writing an entry for the Cyclopedia of American Government, and McLaughlin refuses to take no for an answer.

After reading Addams' article in "Ladies Home Journal", Kilmer explains to Addams that she requires more income than her farm can give to her and her four children. She lists her references and skills and asks Addams if there is any work in Chicago for her.

Buchanan objects to Addams' use of "cadet" in her articles about social evil because it is also used in military and high school connotations.

Kellogg sends a list of authors and subjects for a book and includes Addams' article "Charity and Social Justice."

Kellogg asks Addams to quickly correct her article to make a deadline.

Kellogg hopes that Addams will send a corrected version of her speech for publication by the deadline.
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Addams describes the poverty of the Hull-House neighborhood in the early days of her work there. She discusses the lack of security and loneliness of the elderly, as well as child labor.

Webb asks Addams to allow her to reprint an article in The Statesman.

Webb asks Addams to contribute an article to The New Statesman, offering possible topics.

Brazee praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull House and commends her for her life of good work.

Whitney writes Addams that he is pleased she will write an article for him.

Gedge praises Addams' work and her article on white slavery, but he takes issue with her use of the word "cadet."

The Editor of the New York Times invites Addams to write a series of three letters explaining why women should support Theodore Roosevelt and the new Progressive Party over Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats.

Dawes praises Addams' piece inĀ Charities and the Commons about the Averbuch Incident.

To solicit corrections, Merriman sends Addams a biography of her that will run in The Survey.
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Addams and Withington introduce a series of essays by Henry Demarest Lloyd for a posthumous compilation Man, the Social Creator.
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Addams and Withington introduce a posthumous publication of Henry Demarest Lloyd's recent writings on religion.

Marsh congratulates Addams on the rave review of Twenty Years at Hull House in The Nation.