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Addams praises Kellogg's peace plans and discusses her reluctant approval of a plan by Rosika Schwimmer.

Buchanan objects to Addams' use of "cadet" in her articles about social evil because it is also used in military and high school connotations.

Dent invites Addams to write a short article for a new journal he is publishing.

Conrad writes Addams about her introduction to Dr. Hall's book and the positive impact her influence will have upon it.

Addams informs Johnson that she cannot submit the article she promised in time.

Addams writes Trueblood about a forthcoming article in an upcoming issue of The Peace Advocate.

Addams writes Johnson that she is sending him an article as soon as possible.

Kingsley asks Addams to write a short piece for the "Open Air Smile," a children's publication of the Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund.

Addams asks Brett if he is interested in publishing a series of articles she is writing for the Ladies Home Journal on the progressive measures she advocated for the election.

Brett asks Addams if she is ready to publish another book with Macmillan Company.

Webb asks Addams to allow her to reprint an article in The Statesman.

Addams agrees to write a foreword for a collection of articles that Taylor is publishing and tells him about her travels in Egypt and Jerusalem.

Holt is happy to learn that Addams is considering submitting an article for The Independent in the fall or winter.
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Addams describes the poverty of the Hull-House neighborhood in the early days of her work there. She discusses the lack of security and loneliness of the elderly, as well as child labor.

Forbes thanks Addams for a copy of her latest book and asks her to return the manuscript she sent.

Jones writes Addams that he is reviewing her new book for Unity.

Addams declines Sedgwick's invitation to write an article on the Salvation Army for one of his magazines.

Lewis criticizes a source Addams used for one of her articles in McClure's Magazines. 

Jordan invites Addams to write an article for the all-women's addition of Harper's Bazar.

Webb asks Addams to contribute an article to The New Statesman, offering possible topics.

Addams asks Breckinridge to assist a Miss Martin.
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Addams argues for women to have the vote in order that they may continue to perform their duties to family and to home in the modern world, where responsibilities, like feeding their children and keeping them safe, are no long directly within their control.

Johnson offers Addams extra time to complete her article for the Century Magazine.

Addams argues for the creation of entertainments for urban dwellers for recreation and relaxation.