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Addams sends a letter telling the graduating class that she hopes they learn how to serve men and women in their business careers.
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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Addams discusses women's empowerment, college training and morality to the graduates of Mount Holyoke College.

Addams discusses means of closing the divide between capitalist and trade unions.

At a meeting of the education department of the Chicago Woman's Club, Addams encourages the use of school health care workers and censuses.

Addams notes that Peter Bartzen was not among the National Institute of Arts and Letters's forty "immortals."

Addams praises Earlham College and supports efforts to raise an endowment.

Addams tells Sinclair that she doesn't have any materials ready for his book on schools.

Addams expands on the cultural values taught in industrial education and training.

Addams thanks Dodd for his commencement address, and comments on her feelings on Woodrow Wilson.

Addams discusses the problems of child labor in relation to compulsory education.

Addams proposes changes to the child labor and compulsory education laws for endorsement to the League of Cook County Women's Clubs.

Addams exhorts members of the Chicago Political Equality League to work against child labor and towards educating the poor.

Addams and Bodine discuss changes needed in compulsory education rules to make them more effective.

Addams discusses the settlement house's role as a charity and the means by which it appeals to the poor. She spoke at the Decatur Chautauqua.
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Addams discusses the role of neighborhood centers can play in fostering community.

Addams criticizes trade schools in an address to the Chicago Institute.

In a speech in Chicago, Addams warns female students of their future after graduating from college.

Addams argues that the proposed apprenticeship system needs to be remodeled before it will be effective.

Addams comments on the importance of kindergarten in settlement work at the close of a convention of the International Kindergarten Union.

Addams discussed the role of schools in preparing children for life in a speech at the Ethical Society.


Addams encourages college women at Wellesley to use their educations to improve the lives of immigrants.
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Addams discusses the value of the cinema and the settlements to educate immigrants and help them adjust to American life.
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Addams discusses the value of the cinema and the settlements to educate immigrants and help them adjust to American life.
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Addams discusses the work done in Chicago for helping those suffering from mental illness. Her talk was given at the third annual conference of the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy, held at Hull-House, from September 9 to September 11.

Addams speaks about women college graduates and their role in public reform.
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