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Breckinridge writes Addams about meeting times in Philadelphia and Washington and mentions a report from the Bureau of Labor that she sent to Addams.

Addams discusses plans to visit Haldeman in Philadelphia to see her perform in Ben Hur.

Addams asks Laidlaw to bring to the next meeting ideas for improving the nomination and election process for the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Addams and Rosenwald write Wald that they believe Julia Lathrop is the best candidate for appointment as head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Addams writes Wald about her preference for Julia Lathrop to become the head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Addams invites members of the National American Woman Association to take a special train to Springfield to address the Illinois State Republican Convention.

Breckinridge writes Addams about some political intrigue related to the Mississippi Valley Conference .

Devine asks Addams about the possibility of funding funding in Chicago for campaign to create a Commission on Industrial Relations.

Garland accepts Addams' resignation from the Board of Directors of the Chicago Theatre Society.

Kellogg writes DeForest about organizational changes and the addition of new members to board of The Survey.

Thomas apologizes to Addams about some confusion between Helen Johnson and herself within the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Addams writes Robins about the abilities of Mary Wilmarth as a leader.

Ashley sends Addams a copy of an article she wrote about a strike in Massachusetts and asks if it is appropriate for the Woman's Journal.

Tokaji informs Addams that the National Roosevelt Woman's League has made her an honorary vice president.

Certification of Addams' membership in the original Jane Addams Chorus.

Wise consents that Addams will not serve in his commission, and asks her about her opinion between Adolph Lawisohn and Julius Rosenwald.

Addams shows the letter she received from Wise to Breckinridge and asks her opinion on the question Wise posed.

Addams writes a short note to Breckinridge clarifying that letters were sent out with full postage.

Devine tells Addams that he revised an editorial and that Taft wanted to appoint her as a member of the Industrial Commission.

Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Addams writes Breckinridge about a delicate matter and sends wishes to see her soon.
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Addams reports on the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and her dismay about the conventions unjust treatment of African-Americans. This is one of a series of articles she prepared as part of the Progressive Party campaign in 1912.

Dennett updates Addams on decisions of the board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Robins send Addams a report of Progressive Party work done in Illinois between October 24 and 31.

Addams describes her experiences at the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and its appeal to labor and women.